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One Year Anniversary: The Secret Service Agent

It’s the One Year Anniversary of The Secret Service Agent!

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Imagine working everyday for the person you love, but can never truly have.


When Michael Oliver’s neatly laid out career path took a sharp right turn from Afghanistan to Washington D.C., he figured his training as a US Army Ranger would never let him down. But swapping fatigues and combat gear for a dark suit and earpiece, he almost paid the supreme price guarding the Speaker of the House.

Then he found himself guarding the quirky little Senator from Los Angeles whom no one ever imagined might come to win the White House.

Not that he’d ever imagined falling in love with the man either, but there was no escaping it.

Michael had a plan though. It was a well thought out, long term plan that would have allowed him to finally retire away from the one person he could never truly have, and focus all his efforts on the Patron Saints Winery he’d bought years before in California.

But a bunch of domestic terrorists and a woman with a grudge, decided to get in the way first, leaving Michael and his Secret Service Team to do the unthinkable in their fight to save the President of the United States:

‘Shoot the hostage’

The Final Chapter: Magneto the Camera

So we come to the final conclusion for the Saga of Magneto the Camera.

He’s decided that working with Agent Oliver is a much more lucrative and exciting job, than simply being my camera.

(AKA – The repair shop decided that it wasn’t worth fixing so they scrapped it and refunded my money.)

Unsure of what to do for the best –  scrap the whole thing or get a new camera – I discovered that iPads were on sale.  Now haven’t had an iPad, well let me rephrase that, I have a mini that is about five years old, complete with cracked screen, and the only thing it’s still good for is to live stream Australian Rugby (Go Rabbitohs!  Go Dragons!).

So, decisions made after 2 hours and a hell of a good Apple Salesman, I am now the proud of owner of The Professor, an iPad Pro, which has been very helpful with not just research, but writing too, and will be influential in helping with the next book.

Thank you Magneto, bless you in your new career.

Continued Adventures of Magneto and Agent Oliver

Update on Magneto, the camera, and his adventures.

After the last installment, I was a bit concerned when I clicked on the ‘track your status’ webpage, and it said there was no such order number for Magneto’s repair.

So I called Geek Squad, because let’s face it Magneto would take over the place if he had half the mind.

It was duly discovered that he needs a new part which will take another week to arrive.

Which I totally believe is code for Agent Oliver and Magneto having gone on an undercover mission somewhere.

As and when part 3 of this saga develops, I’ll keep you posted…

When Magneto met Agent Oliver

When that odd moment of your real life meets your writing life.

I have a Nikon Camera, that has a magenta colored casing.  So naturally I called it Magneto.  Probably not a good idea, as he started acting up in the second month after buying him.  But thank God for warranties, so I took him in, and he was shipped out to Geek Squad.

Now the cool thing about Geek Squad is the fact they allow you to track where your item is at any given point along the journey.  Despite the fact that it took a week for Magneto to get to the Repair Location, I finally got the notification that a Geek Squad Agent had been assigned the case.

The Agent was named: Agent Oliver.

It was a good thing I was at home, and not in the store as I couldn’t stop laughing for at least five minutes over the ironic moment of Magneto meeting Agent Oliver.

One can only wonder what the two are getting up to…

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