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Work in Progress: The Nest

The Writing Nest!

This is a snapshot of my nest where I write daily.

I surround myself with inspirational images, along with items to help create descriptions that make the scene work.

My iPod, notebooks, dictionary, thesaurus and scattered Post-Its filled with thoughts, reminders, and added lines for a specific scene are all over the place.

Then there’s the pillows, blankets, water bottle, and life affirming coffee!

Once the story is written out, then the typing begins and the nest moves to the computer!


Work in Progress: Logistics

Logistics: the planning, implementation, and coordination of the details of a business or other operation – from dictionary.com

Or for a writer:

  • all set props: furniture, doors, and other scenery stays in the same spot through out the scene
  • if a character wears a blue waistcoat make sure it doesn’t turn black at some point in time
  • how many bullets have been fired?
  • wounds do not move around the body!
  • storyboarding works – as long as you keep to them
  • do not miss place your character
  • taking a week to figure out exactly how to kill the damn bad guy!