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One Year Anniversary: The Secret Service Agent

It’s the One Year Anniversary of The Secret Service Agent!

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Imagine working everyday for the person you love, but can never truly have.


When Michael Oliver’s neatly laid out career path took a sharp right turn from Afghanistan to Washington D.C., he figured his training as a US Army Ranger would never let him down. But swapping fatigues and combat gear for a dark suit and earpiece, he almost paid the supreme price guarding the Speaker of the House.

Then he found himself guarding the quirky little Senator from Los Angeles whom no one ever imagined might come to win the White House.

Not that he’d ever imagined falling in love with the man either, but there was no escaping it.

Michael had a plan though. It was a well thought out, long term plan that would have allowed him to finally retire away from the one person he could never truly have, and focus all his efforts on the Patron Saints Winery he’d bought years before in California.

But a bunch of domestic terrorists and a woman with a grudge, decided to get in the way first, leaving Michael and his Secret Service Team to do the unthinkable in their fight to save the President of the United States:

‘Shoot the hostage’

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