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National Coming Day

As an advocate and member of the LGBTQ Community, coming out is never an easy decision.

For some though, it is easy, as those around them knew all along and chose to embrace their loved one.

For other’s its a terrible nightmare with yelling, accusations, and loss of everything.

The decision to come out is a very personal one.

It’s not a friend or a family members’ decision to force them out, no matter the good intentions, or lack thereof.

It’s not society’s place to yank someone out of the closet either, just because it makes good news.


For those who have come out: You are brave, strong, and worth it.

For those who haven’t: You are brave, strong, and worth it.

For those who have lost loved ones: You are brave, strong, and worth it

For those who have gained loved ones: You are brave, strong, and worth it.


To read about the characters I have created and how they ‘came out’ you can read:

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The Final Chapter: Magneto the Camera

So we come to the final conclusion for the Saga of Magneto the Camera.

He’s decided that working with Agent Oliver is a much more lucrative and exciting job, than simply being my camera.

(AKA – The repair shop decided that it wasn’t worth fixing so they scrapped it and refunded my money.)

Unsure of what to do for the best –  scrap the whole thing or get a new camera – I discovered that iPads were on sale.  Now haven’t had an iPad, well let me rephrase that, I have a mini that is about five years old, complete with cracked screen, and the only thing it’s still good for is to live stream Australian Rugby (Go Rabbitohs!  Go Dragons!).

So, decisions made after 2 hours and a hell of a good Apple Salesman, I am now the proud of owner of The Professor, an iPad Pro, which has been very helpful with not just research, but writing too, and will be influential in helping with the next book.

Thank you Magneto, bless you in your new career.

Continued Adventures of Magneto and Agent Oliver

Update on Magneto, the camera, and his adventures.

After the last installment, I was a bit concerned when I clicked on the ‘track your status’ webpage, and it said there was no such order number for Magneto’s repair.

So I called Geek Squad, because let’s face it Magneto would take over the place if he had half the mind.

It was duly discovered that he needs a new part which will take another week to arrive.

Which I totally believe is code for Agent Oliver and Magneto having gone on an undercover mission somewhere.

As and when part 3 of this saga develops, I’ll keep you posted…

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