When Magneto met Agent Oliver

When that odd moment of your real life meets your writing life.

I have a Nikon Camera, that has a magenta colored casing.  So naturally I called it Magneto.  Probably not a good idea, as he started acting up in the second month after buying him.  But thank God for warranties, so I took him in, and he was shipped out to Geek Squad.

Now the cool thing about Geek Squad is the fact they allow you to track where your item is at any given point along the journey.  Despite the fact that it took a week for Magneto to get to the Repair Location, I finally got the notification that a Geek Squad Agent had been assigned the case.

The Agent was named: Agent Oliver.

It was a good thing I was at home, and not in the store as I couldn’t stop laughing for at least five minutes over the ironic moment of Magneto meeting Agent Oliver.

One can only wonder what the two are getting up to…

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