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Research Trip: Grand Park LA

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Grand Park LA is one of the location settings in my next book.  It runs from the Music Center to the iconic Los Angeles Courthouse.  It’s a beautiful green space, that has a nice Starbucks tucked away, fountains kids can play in, and plenty of benches.  

For more information: Grand Park LA

Work in Progress: Note Taking


After researching, it’s time to put all the information together.  

For the next book, I’ve put together a folder full of printed maps, photographs, and a variety of useful factoids.

Example – Did you know that the Millennium Biltmore Hotel (original named the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel) was built in 1923, and a Historical Landmark in Downtown Los Angeles?  It’s also hosted the Oscars, the 1960 Democratic Convection, was the headquarters for the International Olympic Committee in 1984 when Los Angeles hosted the Olympic Games, and recently hosted the Semi-Finals for American Idol.

If you would like to learn more on the hotel, check out it’s website: Millennium Biltmore Hotel


New Book: Prep Work


When starting a new book, the first thing is research!

Ronald Kessler’s book ‘In The President’s Secret Service’ was a very insightful look into the Secret Service, it’s history and mythology.

Also, ‘Within Arms Length’ by Dan Emmett has been a useful look at how the Secret Service operate from one Presidency to the next.

It can be hard, trying not to perpetuate assumptions about institutions that are not personally known to a writer, but that should never stop anyone from writing about them.

Research often leads to a more creative storyline that is less stereotypical, and far more unique that in would otherwise have been.