Book Review: The Column of Burning Spices (Hildegard of Bingen #2) by P.K. Adams

The Column of Burning Spices (Hildegard of Bingen #2)The Column of Burning Spices by P.K. Adams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After thoroughly enjoying the first installment of this story, I was eager for the second.

It doesn’t disappoint. The author has done an outstanding job of research and writing throughout.

For a moment however, I thought dear Hildegard was about to turn into Ellis Peter’s infamous Cadfael!

But that aside, I have to confess I got so caught up in the characters written about so very well here, that I suffered some serious demolition of the upper lip by the time I reached the end.

Very well done. Exceptional work.

Entertaining and informative.

Highly recommended.

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