Book Review: One Shot (Jack Reacher, #9) by Lee Child

One Shot (Jack Reacher, #9)One Shot by Lee Child
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This was my first time reading one of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels, having been somewhat fascinated by the film staring Tom Cruise.

This is the book the movie was based on, and I have to say the adaptation was very good. Mostly these things tend to suck between books and films, but this one didn’t.

My problem is that having read this now, I certainly don’t ‘see’ Tom Cruise in my head as Jack Reacher any more. I absolutely see another actor – Jim Caviezel – who could been far better in the role.

But, back to the book…

It was very good. Not hard to follow or digest. The writing broke up into strange small fragmentary sentences that were sometimes jarring and hard to flow through, but not in a debilitating way as far as reading itself goes.

I’m moving on to the book the second film was based on, and though I didn’t start this series at book 1, I feel that was in no way an impairment to enjoyment either.

I like Reacher. I like his attitude and his bluntness.

This makes for a good hearty distracting read on a quiet afternoon.

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  1. seadragonlady - Reply

    I like Reacher too. I started reading Lee Child’s series way back in the day and was hooked. While the number of books that I purchase has decreased slightly over the years I still always buy the new Reacher knowing that it will be an entertaining read if not a literary masterpiece. I also don’t get Cruise as a casting choice either though I didn’t hate the movie either.

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