Book Review: Enter the Saint by Leslie Charteris

Enter the SaintEnter the Saint by Leslie Charteris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Who hasn’t heard of The Saint. You may have seen the TV Show with Roger Moore, or the film adaption with Val Kilmer (which we won’t talk about) … though you might not know exactly who The Saint was, you have had heard of him.

I picked this book up on my Kindle Unlimited, and was like okay lets go for it. I enjoyed these three smaller novellas thoroughly. I laughed, snorted, rolled my eyes, and had a great time while reading them. If you’re expecting more, you won’t get it with the Saint.

I wouldn’t recommend the whole series as over time there were many author’s writing The Saint, but I would recommend picking up one or two from the earlier years. You’ll fall in love with Simon Templar instantly, and his crew of Saints.

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