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Book Review: Enter the Saint by Leslie Charteris

Enter the SaintEnter the Saint by Leslie Charteris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Who hasn’t heard of The Saint. You may have seen the TV Show with Roger Moore, or the film adaption with Val Kilmer (which we won’t talk about) … though you might not know exactly who The Saint was, you have had heard of him.

I picked this book up on my Kindle Unlimited, and was like okay lets go for it. I enjoyed these three smaller novellas thoroughly. I laughed, snorted, rolled my eyes, and had a great time while reading them. If you’re expecting more, you won’t get it with the Saint.

I wouldn’t recommend the whole series as over time there were many author’s writing The Saint, but I would recommend picking up one or two from the earlier years. You’ll fall in love with Simon Templar instantly, and his crew of Saints.

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Book Review: The Fencing Master by Arturo Pérez-Reverte

The Fencing MasterThe Fencing Master by Arturo Pérez-Reverte
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a truly remarkable book that hooked me from the first paragraph (which so rarely happens that I actually bought it without a second thought!).

Highly recommended!

Slow burning, brilliantly executed, stunningly graphic and beautiful, emotive and powerful.

I seriously want to hug the Fencing Master himself right now…


This piece caught me most of all, because YES!:

“We find ourselves in the last of the three generations history chooses to repeat every now and then. The first generation needs a god, and so they invent one. The second erects temples to that god and tries to imitate him. And the third uses the marble from those temples to build brothels in which to worship their own greed, lust, and dishonesty. And that is why gods and heroes are always, inevitably, succeeded by mediocrities, cowards, and imbeciles.”

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Book Review: Go by Kazuki Kaneshiro, Takami Nieda (Translator)

This is one of the books from Amazon’s World Book Day.

GoGo by Kazuki Kaneshiro
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I randomly stumbled onto this book through Amazon Crossing, and wasn’t at all sure about it, as ‘coming of age’ stories really don’t attract me at all, but being curious I gave it a try and I was drawn into the cultural relevance of this story from the start.

It’s a very easy read and not particularly long, but I feel as though I have been quite dramatically educated on Japanese culture and Japanese society.

Excellent translation! Highly recommended reading!

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Continued Adventures of Magneto and Agent Oliver

Update on Magneto, the camera, and his adventures.

After the last installment, I was a bit concerned when I clicked on the ‘track your status’ webpage, and it said there was no such order number for Magneto’s repair.

So I called Geek Squad, because let’s face it Magneto would take over the place if he had half the mind.

It was duly discovered that he needs a new part which will take another week to arrive.

Which I totally believe is code for Agent Oliver and Magneto having gone on an undercover mission somewhere.

As and when part 3 of this saga develops, I’ll keep you posted…

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